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Kate Middleton, Camilla and Sophie check up on the elderly across the UK

Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Sophie Wessex came forward to reassure the vulnerable and the elderly via phone calls as they joined the ranks of the Royal NHS Volunteer Responders.

The royal women checked in on the elderly and the vulnerable, isolating during the coronavirus pandemic, to extend words of comfort during the crisis, as part of the ‘check-in and chat’ initiative.

Donna Williams, 42, who is suffering from a rare form of Type 1 Diabetes and is currently living with her two daughters, received a call from the Duchess of Cambridge who checked up on her health and safety.

The Countess of Wessex on the other hand, caught up with 89-year-old Harry Deboo from Liverpool who recently underwent a triple by-pass.

Recounting the chat with Sophie, Deboo said in a statement: “It was great to chat to The Countess of Wessex and really made my week. I have one son who doesn’t live locally – so I don’t get to see many people – especially now. I also like to keep the memory of my wife alive and it was great to chat about her. She really listened to every word and it was great to share our lockdown experiences together!”

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The Duchess of Cornwall, meanwhile, dialed up the number of Doris Winfield, 85, who has been under isolation in Rickmansworth.

“Having a chat with The Duchess of Cornwall meant the world to me. I’ve been incredibly lonely over the last couple of months and it was wonderful to talk to her. We talked about life in isolation and shared hobbies. She was very interested in my family and how I was coping. It really cheered me up,” Winfield said. 

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