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Ghulam Sarwar Khan presents PIA plane crash investigation report

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, is presenting the initial investigation report on the PIA plane crash in the National Assembly.

Presenting the initial investigation report on the floor of the House, Sarwar said, “All voice is recorded till the last second, that voice recorded pilot and crew with air traffic controller was recorded and I heard it.”

He added, “Both the equipment was taken to France and on June 2 it was decoded and in the presence of 10 people it was decoded, the voice recording was heard was by all.”

The minister added that the recorded would be made part of the final report and will be examined as well.

According to the initial report, there was no technical fault in it, Sarwar told the House. He said that even the pilot had not informed the control tower till the very end that there was any technical fault with the aircraft. 

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